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Bush wants to know if the World hates America – or just Him!

There’s a new article on RAW Story that indicates President Bush is attempting to find out: “Why does the rest of the world seem to hate America? Or is it just me they hate?” I suppose it’s a valid question, but it certainly wasn’t worth the effort to call upon “trusted advisor’s” to answer a question that could easily be answered by spending five or less minutes reading almost any progressive publication in these United States, or even glimpsing at one of several international newspapers or magazines. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that Bush’s “trusted advisor’s” tell him what he wants to hear, otherwise more often than not, they are replaced with other “advisor’s” so Bush can remain in his bubble of oblivion while the United States and the world reel under the oppressive weight of his incompetent and asinine policies and decisions.

‘No modern president has seen such a sustained rejection;’ Kissinger: Bush ‘at peace with himself’

07/02/2007 @ 8:12 am
Filed by John Byrne

President Bush is holding private meetings “over sodas and sparkling water” in which he asks trusted advisers — “Why does the rest of the world seem to hate America? Or is it just me they hate?”

This according to the Washington Post.

“Not generally known for intellectual curiosity, Bush is seeking out those who are, engaging in a philosophical exploration of the currents of history that have swept up his administration,” the Post’s Peter Baker writes in the lead story for Monday’s paper. “These sessions, usually held in the Oval Office or the elegant living areas of the executive mansion, are never listed on the president’s public schedule and remain largely unknown even to many on his staff.”

To some, “Bush seems alone, isolated by events beyond his control, with trusted advisers taking their leave and erstwhile friends turning on him.”

But he remains upbeat, the article says.

“You don’t get any feeling of somebody crouching down in the bunker,” said a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who talked to Baker. “This is either extraordinary self-confidence or out of touch with reality. I can’t tell you which.” MORE

Unfortunately President Bush, it began with most of the world leaders and people hating you, however, an ineffective and complicit Congress have refused to provide proper oversight and legislation to reign-in your arrogant and delusional foreign policy, not to mention being too cowardly and/or complicit in your crimes themselves to do the right thing and impeach your entire administration, which has resulted in many countries and groups projecting their hate and venom on America as a whole.

Now it seems that many of those countries and people believe the United States as a nation is as deceitful and corrupt as you and those within your administration that have wrought such havoc on hundreds of thousands in the Middle-East – not to mention your meddling in the politics of several other nations who feel equally slighted. Its sad Mr. President, but your actions and those who support your brand of Neo-conservatism have cast a pall on all of us – the majority who would rather see Mickey Mouse in the White House rather than the band of misfits you call a government – so incredibly corrupt and incompetent that we are on the verge of bankruptcy, our military is broken, people in the US are losing their jobs and homes – and to add insult to injury, we are hated by most of the world and labeled as “American Imperialists.”

As far as your own “continuant’s,” the answer is abundantly clear – at least for the majority of the population, and now that you’ve decided to commute Scooter Libby’s prison sentence and spit on the Rule of Law, I’d say the answer is a resounding “YES” – we do hate you and everything you stand for, which quite conversely, is not the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Rule of Law!

In this morning’s edition of CNN, it was reported that:

“In a written statement commuting the prison sentence, issued hours after Monday’s ruling, Bush called the sentence “excessive,” and suggested that Libby will pay a big enough price for his conviction.” MORE

I noted that the President considered Mr. Libby’s sentence to be “excessive.” If Mr. Libby’s sentence was excessive for “perjury, obstruction of justice and lying to investigators in the probe of the leak of the name of a CIA operative” – then please explain to the American people why sending people to prison for smoking marijuana, often with prison sentences that are far greater than that of Mr. Libby – are not “excessive” too?

Why is perjury, obstruction of justice, and lying to Congress a lesser crime that that of smoking Pot? I’m not writing this piece to further the argument that marijuana sentences are excessive (which they are), but to point out the blatant hypocrisy of suggesting that Mr. Libby’s sentence is excessive – especially when you take into consideration that one out of every six people currently incarcerated in the United States are there because of a marijuana conviction.

Based on your own logic Mr. President, it is abundantly clear that hundreds of thousands of inmates currently incarcerated in the US have “excessive” sentences, whose only crime was that of smoking or dealing in marijuana – and I’m sure that you believe in equal protection under the law (sic), so based on that premise, it would make sense for you to commute ALL of those offenders who have excessive sentences – not just the members of your administration, and especially those who have worked to subvert our constitution, illegally “out” a CIA Agent (which smacks of Treason!), and generally have adopted your philosophy that they, as you and Dick Cheney seem to believe – are above the law.

Do we hate you personally? I can’t answer for other people, but the best answer I have is that most people “hate” what you stand for, resent how you refuse to listen to those who elected you, your abject contempt for the Constitution, Congress, and the Rule of Law – and your flagrant disregard of human rights, which is in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention!

You constantly implore us to support your fight against “evil doers” and those that wish to harm America. The short answer is that the “evil doers” that present the most danger to America appear to reside in the White House – and you would serve your country well to open your eyes and understand that when it comes to “evil doers” – you and your staff top the list of those who seem to be intent on the destruction of America! In consideration of the above statement, I’m sure we don’t “hate” you anymore than we did Hitler – but together, with the rest of the free world, we came together as one and crushed his tyranny and held those accountable who aided him in his crimes against humanity – and I am hopeful that your administration will also be treated accordingly, and we promise, the sentence won’t be “excessive” – but will fit the crime(s) you and your Neo-conservative co-conspirators are found guilty of perpetrating against all of humanity.

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